List of industrial enterprises in Slonim district 



Company name


CEO's name

Contact information

OJSC "Slonim’s Cardboard and Paper Plant" Albertin "

Slonim, 1, Fabrichnaya, Str.

Antonik Nikolay Vladimirovich

3-13-97, 3-20-58 http: // 


OJSC "Slonim’s Worsted and Spinning Factory"

Slonim, 42 Brestskaya Str.

Samokish Sergey Aleksandrovich


Subsidiary "Slonim’s Bakery"

Slonim, 6Chkalova Str.

Zhuk Valentin Konstantinovich


URPP "Slonim’s Factory of Artistic Products"

Slonim, 40 Brestskaya str.

Rudak Vladimir Mikhailovich

6-59-25, 6-59-15

Slonim’s subsidary of OJSC"Agrokombinat" Skidelsky”

Slonim, 2 Chkalova, Str.

Lugin Valentin Antonovich



Slonim, 9 Torgovaya str.

Markushevsky Vladimir Vladimirovich

6-65-44, 6-65-46 

ChPUP "Romgil-Tex”

Slonim, 55 Kosmonavtov str.

Alla Stanislavovna Khmarik

+375 1562 6 65 22, 6 56 70

fax number +375 1562 6-56-70


OJSC"Dyatlovo distillery" Algon "Subsidary" Slonimsky VVZ "

Slonim, 19 Kommunisticheskaya str.

Chischenya Andrey Vladimirovich


OJSC "Slonim’s Meat-Processing Plant"

Slonim, 35 Chkalova str.

5-03-06, 5-03-00

DP "Slonim’s Engine Repair Plant"

Slonim, 48 Brestskaya str.

Rusanov Mikhail Georgievich

5-11-17, 5-12-17

State Enterprise "Slonim’ Plant ZHBK"

Slonim, 1 Gorkogo Street.

Stepuro Vyacheslav Ivanovich


State Unitary Enterprise "Slonim Printing House"

Slonim, 16. Khlyupina str.

Semenkov Yuri Ivanovich

2-77-94. 6-65-61 

CCP "Slonimsky crushing and sorting plant"

Slonim district, Ozernitsa

Masterko Viktor Fedorovich

95540, 95541 

Aquapak Industrial LLC

Slonim, 42 Brestskaya str., office 615

Maevskaya Galina Viktorovna



Modern Slonim is a town with a highly developed industrial sector. There are 21 manufacturers in the town. The major companies are Slolnim Meat Factory, Slonim Paperboard Plant Albertin, Slonim Worsted Spinning Factory, Slonim Linen Mill, Slonim Distillery, Slonim Bakery, Slonim Non-Fat Dried Milk Factory etc.

Among the main exporters are Slonim Non-Fat Dried Milk Factory, Slonimmebel. The town companies trade with 29 countries. The main trade partners are Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and the USA.

There are 329 retail outlets and public catering facilities, two markets places and one mini-market in the region. There are also more than 500 sole traders.

There are five construction organizations in the region, namely, Slonim MPMK – 163, Slonim MPMK – 164, Construction Department 187, Zodchy, Slonim SPMK-64.