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About Slonim District

Slonim was founded in the 11th century in a picturesque place where the river Issa flows into the river Shchara. This is one of the most ancient and beautiful towns of Belarus. Located in a quite wide river-valley Slonim incites admiration by its unique combination of the old and modern. The Slonim region is located in the south of Grodno oblast. The region was founded on January 15, 1940 as part of Baranovichi oblast. On February 8, 1954 it became part of Grodno oblast. Its area is 1,500 square meters. As of January 2006, there were 72,000 people living in the region (of them 51,400 in the town of Slonim). There are 148 settlements and 12 rural councils. The western part of the region lies within the Slonim upland, the northeast – at the outskirts of Novogrudok upland, northern - in Nioman lowland, eastern and southern – in Baranovichi flatland.

Mineral Resources: peat, chalk, sand, clay, sapropel.

Rivers: Shchara, Grivda, Bereza, Issa, Zelvyanka.

Forests occupy 34.8% of the territory of the region. The largest woods are conifer and spruce forests, birth and oak groves. There is a botanical reserve of wild medicinal plants, two landscape geomorphologic reserves, and 13 natural monuments.

Farmland occupies about 51.3% of the region. The region specializes in meat and milk industry, flax growing, poultry cultivation, grain, fodder and potato farming. There are four agricultural companies, ten cooperative societies, a farm and a battery farm in the region.